At SaludMax Medical Corp, our experts understand that the commercial viability of therapeutics for chronic respiratory disorders is influenced by a range of factors, including perceived value and therapeutic novelty — which is particularly relevant for illnesses with established treatments like asthma. 

Our close relationships with opinion leaders and practitioners in respiratory medicine ensure that complex study objectives and eligibility criteria evolve into a plan that delivers reliable metrics, consistently met timelines, and impeccable data.

Our team has success in overcoming the unique challenges in conducting trials in respiratory disorders, including determining the allergic status of patients with asthma.

Since 2008, SaludMax has participated in the design, execution, or analysis for over 100 trials involving more than 5,000 patients with respiratory diseases and disorders, including 14 related to asthma.

For these studies, we provided a wide range of services, such as clinical monitoring or project management services. Our experts have managed studies with a variety of therapeutic interventions, including numerous trials for steroid inhalation compounds, as well as both short-acting and long-acting bronchodilators on asthma and allergy compounds.

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